Allied Health life in remote Victoria

I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and graduated from Curtin University in 2013. There was an underlining competitiveness between fellow dietetic students for jobs that year because there didn’t seem to be many permanent or full-time positions. Most students from my year group were being put through a grueling interview process only to be placed on waitlists for clinical positions in tertiary settings. I really didn’t have the energy for it all after an intense 4 years of study and not to mention being financially broke too. I knew I had to be open to the possibility of dietetic jobs nationwide. It was then that a friend put me onto a healthcare recruitment company who registered me. It was January 2014 (only a month or so after graduating) when I received an offer in rural Victoria. The offer was too good to be true. They were offering me a full-time permanent position in Community Health with a travel allowance.  I was nervous of course because after all I was still a new graduate and I was being offered a sole clinician position.

I have now been in the position for nearly four years and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I now work three days in Community Health and two days in private practice with a busy caseload. What I love most about my job is the variety. I have gained experience in chronic disease management, community education programs, aged-care, health promotion and food service.  I have worked for at least four different healthcare services and three medical clinics. I have also taken on some private consulting for DVA clients and have been asked to present at schools, to health professionals and community groups.

The added bonus was the move itself to this beautiful area and landscape. I have access to the 12 Apostles, Otways National Park and the Grampians. The beauty about small towns is the real sense of community you feel when living here. Yes, I do consider myself more a city person but Melbourne city is only an easy 2.5-hour train trip away, so I really get to experience the best of both worlds.

I definitely encourage anyone who asks to consider a rural or remote position. Having made friends for life here (one who is a speechie and the other a physio) the possibilities are endless. You save money quite easily too!

Diana D’Auria

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